STORiES by ARCOTEL | Autumn/Winter 2014

  • 25 Years of ARCOTEL Hotels
  • How are we Travelling Tomorrow? - Futuretrends
  • Green Insider Tips
  • Coffe & Cake - The best recipes 

protel – an ARCOTEL Partner with a Future

Excellent service with a strong customer focus is something our guests expect as a matter of course. Whether they are checking in at a hotel in Vienna, Berlin or Zagreb, making a booking or a special request, everything can be done much more easily using a centralised system. And we can do all this and more, thanks to our successful partnership with protel, the German provider of hotel software solutions.


How are we Travelling Tomorrow?

How will we obtain information about travel in the future, how will we book? What online solutions will be available? After looking back over the last 25 years, we would now like to look more closely at the future. Des O'Mahony, CEO of the Irish tech firm Bookassist dared to look into the crystal ball in an interview with us.


Start Each New Day Feeling Relaxed and Rested - This is How!

Who isn't familiar with the situation? As soon as the alarm goes off and the snooze time has elapsed, the morning gets off to a hectic start as you leap into the shower, rummage through the wardrobe looking for the right clothes, gulp down a coffee even though you're still half asleep and then miss the bus to work again.

But there is another way! We're going to let you in on the best tips for a stress-free start to the day.